Malek Harbouche

Cyber Security & Infrastructure Recruitment Lead

Malek is Focus on Security’s go-to-guy for cyber security and infrastructure recruitment. His experience in this area has been exemplary. As a team lead, Malek oversees the entire recruitment process end-to-end, ensuring all requirements are understood, the best quality candidates are sourced, and the right care is given before, during, and after a placement.

Malek has an extensive network of clients and candidates across the UK and Europe, and works hard to maintain strong, long-lasting relationships. He always gives his due diligence to ensuring everyone’s needs are met, and that the opportunities are right for both an organisation and their prospective new employees.

As an expert in cyber security and infrastructure talent, Malek brings the highest standard of knowledge and insight, and will be able to consult with you about what is right for you, and for your team.